Welcome To Mancold

We aim to provide a storage and distribution service for our customers that is second to none!
Our no. 1 priority is looking after our clients’ stock - like it’s our own.
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We offer a cold storage service second to none - with outstanding inventory management and extensive export logistics experience.
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We have capacity for 12,000 pallets, within 6 cold storage rooms, ranging in temperature from ambient to -20 degrees.
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Our People

We believe that our team are the best in the business - highly experienced and dedicated to making our customers lives easier.
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We're fortunate to have some loyal customers who have agreed have agreed to say nice things about - we thank you!
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About Us

Our new branding for 2016 has been developed to represent the RESPECT we have for our clients products - and our pride in the Manawatu!
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We're ideally situated just 2 hours from Napier and Wellington ports, 3 hours from New Plymouth port and just 15 minutes from the Kiwi Rail depot.
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Our Services

Inventory management second-to-none

Export logistics experts

12,000 pallet capacity

ambient to -20°C temperature range

For large and small customers

Hand picking, sorting and scanning

Facts About Our Services

• We provide cool, cold & chilled storage for meat, dairy, fruit & vegetables, pharmaceuticals, pet food and fresh flowers

• We work with a variety of customers, from large exporters and importers to small local distributors.

• Ministry for Primary Industries certified, meeting all New Zealand and International food safety requirements.

• Approved New Zealand Customs - Secure exports scheme membership

• Approved storage facility for EU, China and USA exports.

• All logos, documentation and certification for export markets

• Member of the Cold Storage Association of New Zealand

• Temperature range is from ambient to -20

• Storage capacity is 12,000 pallets

We are cold storage and distribution experts, offering:

• 100% commitment to delivering for our customers. In our industry no two days are the same and despite meticulous planning we know that it’s our attitude to managing the challenges on the day that make the difference.

• Outstanding inventory management. We offer responsive, personalised stock management and access. Your stock is available where and when you need it, even at short notice.

• Quality control. At Manawatu Cold Storage ‘your product is precious’ whatever size customer you are and whatever service you need. We understand the pressure of buying and selling perishable products and are vigilant about storing your product at the optimum temperature. Manawatu Cold Storage has a contracted Training and Compliance manager.

• We are highly experienced with distributing goods throughout New Zealand and around the world. We have excellent working relationships with NZ Customs, Toll, KiwiRailand NZ trucking companies.

• We enjoy having customers of all sizes and volumes, national and local. We work with large complex companies and also one-man-businesses.

• We can gear up for seasonal spikes or loads, with a pool of casual staff on call to help manage peak times.

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Manawatu Cold Storage is situated on a large site on Kawakawa Road, 3 minutes from Feilding and 16 minutes form Palmerston North. We’ve been in this location since 1975 which has given us over 40 years experience in managing the daily challenges of perishable products arriving and leaving. Our team runs like a well-oiled machine.

Our premises are well equipped to manage frequent truck arrivals and multiple stock loading and unloading. We have:

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Our People

We think that our Mancold team are the best in the business. Our people are highly experienced and knowledgeable about export and freight logistics, certification and compliance, inventory management and quality control within a cold store environment. We know that the no.1 thing that our customers want is to have their stock looked after, and for it to be where they want, when they want it, in peak condition. Every day we give 100% to make that happen!

Brent – General Manager
Brent’s been with Mancold for 25 years, starting as storeman, then foreman and now General Manager.

Marlene – Admin Manager
Marlene is the ‘nuts and bolts’ of Manawatu Cold Storage, and is now in her 11thyear. Marlene is responsible for managing all the accounts and everything administrative.

Biddy – Customer Service
Biddy has been with Mancold for 9 years. Biddy brought invaluable experience in the meat industry with her. There’s no problem that Biddy can’t solve - from stock management to export logistics.

Conn – Leading Hand
Conn came to ManawatuCold Storage from a local Meat Distributors and has been here for 11 years, managing load-ins, load-outs and everything in between.

Angus – Foreman
Angus has been with ManawatuCold Storage for 25 years. He is a key member of the team, managing the operational side of the business and a team of up to 15 people.


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Thank you to our customers.
We’re very fortunate to have loyal clients who have agreed to talk about us, and attest to our service.

Anzco Foods

Darryl MacKenzie

They provide much more than a cold store -because it is a very dynamic business and things can change at the drop of a hat the MCS team need to be on top of all the logistics. Plus they do sorting, liaise with freight co’s, resolving shipping issues -it’s changing all the time.

Tara Intl

Alison Gardner

MCS are excellent! Day to day I can’t fault them. They always have answers when I need them. Business is full on and they are always accommodating of last minute requests. They make my day so much easier –and are so easy to deal with. ‘Why can’t they all be like Manawatu’

Mighty Mix Dog Tukka

Brent Arkel

They’re amazing, absolutely fantastic and pretty flexible. They have forklift drivers who are well trained, thinking people and who make an extra effort to get my pallet into my van without damaging it.

Rangitikei Meat Distributors

Mark Gleeson

We have a very good relationship with ManawatuCold Storage. They are accessible day and night and we can easily pop over and meet with them. They handle urgent requirements very well -they’ve never said ‘no, they can’t do it’ I’m pretty happy with the way things are.

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About Us

Welcome to Manawatu Cold Storage

We aim to provide a cold storage service that is second to none -and we’re proud to have a reputation for having the best inventory management in the industry.

We believe that it’s our people who make it possible! Our long-standing Manawatu Cold Storage team are some of the most experienced in the cold storage, freight and export industries. They love the daily logistical challenges that come with working in a cold storage and distribution business. Their no. 1 priority is looking after our client’s stock -like it’s our own. That means making sure products are stored at the optimum temperature, in top condition, sorted if needed, accessible and fully certified for export, and then delivered where and when they need to be.

At Manawatu Cold Storage we appreciate that managing a supply chain with perishable products can be highly stressful for our clients and we’re here to do whatever it takes to get it right.

Brent Cawthray
General Manager
Manawatu Cold Storage
Mobile: 021 285 6881
Email: Brent@mancold.co.nz

New Branding For 2016

To the Inuit, the polar bear is an animal worthy of great respect (www.polarbears international). We’re proud to wear a polar bear on our gear.
It reminds us that our business is built on respect for our customers, their businesses and their products.

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Our Location

Central North Island Hub

Manawatu is a central hub which provides excellent storage and distribution opportunities for exporters, importers and manufacturers.
• Just over 2 hours from Napier & New Plymouth Ports
• 3 hours from Wellington Port
• Only 15 mins from the Kiwi Rail depot for the main trunk line, overnight to Auckland.