Thank you to our customers.

We’re very fortunate to have loyal clients who have agreed to talk about us, and attest to our service.


Brent Arkell

They’re amazing, absolutely fantastic and pretty flexible. They have forklift drivers who are well trained, thinking people and who make an extra effort to get my pallet into my van without damaging it.


Darryl MacKenzie

They provide much more than a cold store -because it is a very dynamic business and things can change at the drop of a hat the MCS team need to be on top of all the logistics. Plus they do sorting, liaise with freight co’s, resolving shipping issues -it’s changing all the time.


Alison Gardner

MCS are excellent! Day to day I can’t fault them. They always have answers when I need them. Business is full on and they are always accommodating of last minute requests. They make my day so much easier –and are so easy to deal with. ‘Why can’t they all be like Manawatu’


Mark Gleeson

We have a very good relationship with ManawatuCold Storage. They are accessible day and night and we can easily pop over and meet with them. They handle urgent requirements very well -they’ve never said ‘no, they can’t do it’ I’m pretty happy with the way things are.